There are many different concerns that you may have when navigating the legal matters following a car accident. Far too often, individuals find themselves in serious and complicated situations where they are unsure of what their rights are. 

As such, one of the most important things you can do after a car accident is hire a lawyer who can help you navigate the process, especially when it comes to dealing with the insurance company. These are large corporations, often looking to limit your potential recovery.

The Insurance Company Has a Large Legal Team

When you’re navigating a car accident case, know that the defendant’s insurance company has a large legal team backing them. These legal professionals are experienced in defending the insurance company, unfortunately making it difficult for individuals to navigate situations on their own.

These insurance companies are often trying to do whatever it takes to help protect their own profits, even if this means violating your rights after a car accident. A lawyer can help you combat the tactics of these large legal teams and advocate for your rights.

Insurance Companies Are Protecting Their Profits

When you discuss your case with the defendant’s insurance company, you may be requested to offer a recorded statement. As such, you should have a lawyer present when you speak with them to help protect you from making any damaging statements.

Having a lawyer helps protect you when the insurance company is trying to limit their own liability and pay out as little as possible. A lawyer knows what the insurance company will try to do and the best possible ways to avoid any problems you may encounter.

At Presley & Presley, you will find dedicated Kansas City car accident attorneys who can help explain what rights and options you may have and the various ways in which you can pursue compensation. Trust that we’re here for you when you need it the most.

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