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Because of the sheer size of these vehicles, an accident involving a bus can result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Determining liability can be complicated and insurance companies may try to avoid paying for the substantial damages you and your family are dealing. An experienced personal injury lawyer with us at Presley & Presley knows exactly what you are going through and has successfully handled even the most difficult bus accident and insurance bad faith cases for people like you nationwide.

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Why Choose a Bus Accident Lawyer with Presley & Presley Trial Attorneys in Kansas City?

We are seasoned experts providing comprehensive legal solutions no matter how complex the case. Presley & Presley specializes in catastrophic injury and insurance bad faith cases with a reputation as leaders in high-stakes litigation. Our team has learned from the best in the industry and our mission is to recover what has been taken from clients. Located in Kansas City, MO, we have partnered with referring attorneys and individuals alike in regional and national cases requiring innovative litigation on behalf of clients to deliver justice and safeguard clients’ rights. For us, it is not just about holding insurance companies accountable, we value the trust placed in us and we aren’t afraid to challenge powerful corporations and their insurers to not only win for our client, but to cause industry reform and advance public safety.

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Getting Justice Starts with a Consultation

We know that you have enough to deal with when it comes to physically and mentally recovering after a bus accident—not to mention the day-to-day details of providing for a family and other such aspects. When we take on a case, we are very aware of what it means to get results on our client’s behalf. A bus accident lawyer on our team is a formidable expert in every step involved in effectively recovering just damages—from gathering evidence to going to trial if necessary. In any bus accident claim, more than one party may have acted negligently and contributed to the incident. Liability may rest with:

  • The bus driver
  • The bus company
  • Another motorist or trucker
  • The bus manufacturer
  • The party responsible for maintaining the bus

Bus drivers and other drivers alike can engage in various negligent behaviors such as speeding, making improper lane changes, rolling through stop signs, running red lights, texting, or just not paying attention. A driver who fails to respond to difficult weather conditions or a heavy traffic flow may drive too fast for the present situation, even if their speed is below the posted limit. This, too, is negligence.

When a Bus Company Doesn’t Do Its Part

Bus companies and their drivers are subject to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, which set forth specific rules in regard to all aspects of bus operation. If companies violate these regulations, they may make drivers and vehicles vulnerable to accidents. Similarly, if they fail to properly maintain buses, they may be sending out a vehicle where breaking down isn’t an “if” but a “when.” Bus maintenance is especially vital considering the long hours and heavy use buses typically accrue.

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If you are not being taken seriously by the negligent party or an insurer after a motorcycle accident, contact us today to schedule a consultation on your case. We are stronger together, and you may find that the insurance company becomes much more cooperative after Presley & Presley gets involved.

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Defective Parts Can Cause Bus Accidents

The manufacturer of a bus or the manufacturer of one of its component parts may share liability if the investigation shows that defective parts resulted in the crash and injuries.  Should a mechanical failure, faulty brakes, defective tires or any one of a number of elements be the cause, there may be no way for even the most skilled and attentive driver to keep control of the bus. 

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Your Legal Options After a School Bus Accident

School bus accidents can add additional layers to an already complex process of making an injury claim. Parties that may be held responsible in case of a crash include a private school, a public school district, a bus manufacturer, or the driver of another vehicle that collided with the bus. Multi-party claims are much more complicated than single-party claims, and when a government entity like a public school district is involved, there may be even more rules to follow. A bus accident attorney with us at Presley & Presley has experience handling such cases and can help you determine your best options for maximizing the compensation you need to fully cover the many expenses you and your family may be facing.

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Consult with a Bus Accident Attorney Today We’ll Make Sure You are Heard

Contact our offices in Kansas City today to schedule an initial consultation on your bus accident case. At Presley & Presley, we know what you are going through and we have the courage and legal expertise to challenge even the biggest companies and hold insurance companies accountable.

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