We have discussed things that people should do after sustaining an injury in a car accident; however, it’s important to understand there are things and phrases that should also be avoided. These are things that, if said, may be used against you by the negligent party’s insurance company to try and limit liability.

Knowing what not to say can help you protect your rights to pursue legal action. The defendant’s insurance company wants to find any way to pay out as little as possible and your statements are always under scrutiny.

Saying That You’re Sorry

Apologizing is something that many people do simply because they empathize with the situation. They feel bad that an accident happened, and they apologize despite not causing the crash. This can be a big mistake when pursuing legal action.

Apologizing may be looked at as an admission of guilt by the insurance company and they may try to utilize this to hold you liable for the accident. Saying sorry makes it seem as though you did something wrong to cause the crash.

I Didn’t Even See You There

This is something that people may say if they’re turning in or out of an area when a crash occurs. However, doing so may bring up questions of why you didn’t see the vehicle and whether you caused the crash because of it.

This is why the insurance company often asks for recorded statements or ask what was said at the scene of the crash. Saying that you didn’t see someone makes it appear as though you were negligent, and thus at fault.

At Presley & Presley, our Kansas City car accident lawyers understand how difficult legal matters can be and what is needed to move forward after a crash. Don’t do anything that would jeopardize your rights to seek compensation for the damages you have sustained.

When you come to our team, you can learn more about what options are available to you and what situations can be harmful to you. Trust that we’re dedicated to your best interests and do whatever we can to guide you throughout the process.

Contact our legal team today at 816.931.4611 to discuss your potential rights.

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