If you’re in an accident, you might sustain injuries that will need extensive treatment. On top of missing work, you may be recommended specialty treatments that are very expensive—even when they’re covered by your health insurance. The financial stress is a lot to handle on top of the physical pain you are experiencing. Especially if you’re a provider for others, it’s hard to know how you will manage all your responsibilities.

Dealing with insurers while all of this is happening is just another burden. Often, adjusters will try to get you to accept a settlement based on the costs you’re facing here and now. The amount they’re offering might seem tempting, especially if you have other financial responsibilities, but what sounds like a large amount may not cover all the costs you’ll face as a victim of serious injury.

Before you say yes to any settlement, you should sit down with a lawyer to see if it’s fair. Injuries, especially catastrophic ones, can have high costs that stretch far into the future. The insurance adjuster probably doesn’t want you to know the costs a medical professional might predict for you. We think that’s even more of a reason to ask a few questions.

Long-Term Injuries, Long-Term Treatments

Some injuries, like a broken bone, can be healed. Others can at least have their effects diminished; medication and physical therapy can go a long way toward helping injury victims regain capabilities. Some injuries, though, will continue to affect you for the rest of your life. You may need continuing medical care (and suffer ongoing difficulties) because of:

The cost of such injuries goes beyond the medical bills you will accrue during your initial recovery, and even beyond the medical expenses you may expect in the future. We can work with your doctors and other medical experts to determine costs related to:

  • Lost Earning Potential
  • Assistive Devices
  • A Home Nurse or Assistant
  • Decreased Enjoyment of Life

These are damages insurers won’t want to pay and are hoping you don’t think of. However, when you fight back, you may be able to receive the full amount you deserve.

Hoping for the Best, Planning for the Worst

Recovery from an injury or illness is never a straight path. Especially for severe conditions, doctors may not even be able to predict the extent to which a patient will be able to recover. You are in an unfair position where an injury caused by someone else may affect the rest of your life. It’s essential for you to have a financial safety net to help you move forward, no matter what your future may hold.

Serious injuries may cause complications either soon after the initial wound or far in your future. If you need additional treatment, the expenses should not be yours to cover. This is another concern insurance adjusters do not address and will try to keep you from realizing. Unethical though it may seem, their job is to save their company as much money as they can. This should not be allowed to happen at your expense.

We Can Negotiate or Litigate for the Settlement You Deserve

Presley & Presley, LLC has been helping accident victims for over 30 years. We’ve seen the way insurers try to duck their responsibilities to compensate them fairly. And we’ve fought on their behalf.

Even if you don’t want an attorney to negotiate on your behalf, reaching out for a free consultation can help you get a better idea of what your claim is worth. Of course, the more in-depth a team can go, the more accurate a value they will be able to give. However, just hearing the opinion of someone who has no financial connections to an insurance company might change your expectations drastically.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations because we want you to know your full rights under the law. We do what we can to protect accident victims, and that includes giving them the information they need to make an informed choice.

If you want to learn more about your options, or just understand your full rights, call us at 816.931.4611 or send us a message today. Get the help you deserve with your settlement negotiations.

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