Statistics show car accidents are so common each driver will file a car crash claim once every 17 years or so. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 35,092 people died in auto collisions in 2015. However, there are some ways you can improve your chances of avoiding danger on the road.

Tip #1: Drive Defensively

Defensive driving is a term used to describe a method of driving that emphasizes safety. It includes looking ahead and expecting the unexpected, controlling your speed, maintaining a safe following distance, driving safety for weather or road conditions, being alert, avoiding distractions, watching and respecting other drivers, and being prepared for other drivers’ reactions. This type of driving prepares people to respond quickly to the unexpected.

Tip #2: Maintain Your Car Regularly

Make sure to avoid sudden stalls or other vehicle failures by taking your car to the mechanic on a regular basis. Maintaining your car can also keep your tires and brakes up to date, which can prevent you from experiencing a blown-out tire on the freeway. Likewise, if you take your car to the dealership, the company will likely be aware of any recalled products that could be dangerous to the customer.

Tip #3: Avoid Speeding

While you may be in a hurry, speeding to your destination increases your likelihood of experiencing a car crash. The faster you go, the less control you have over your vehicle and the less time you have to respond to any potential disasters. Likewise, at higher speeds, you’re unlikely to come to a complete stop for several seconds, which might be essential to avoid hitting whatever is in front of you.

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