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Handling Insurance Claims for Serious Accident Injuries

If you’re in an accident, you might sustain injuries that will need extensive treatment. On top of missing work, you may be recommended specialty treatments that are very expensive—even when they’re covered by your health insurance. The financial stress is a lot to handle on top of the physical pain you are experiencing. Especially if […]

2019’s Least Consumer-Friendly Insurance Companies

Whether your property was damaged or you were injured in a car accident, when things go wrong, you likely turn to your insurance company. No matter who you pursue a policy with, your insurer is required to act in good faith and handle all your claims fairly. When insurers prioritize profit instead of policyholders and […]

Presley & Presley Protect Your Interests When Insurance Companies Don’t

The whole point of having insurance is to protect your finances when something bad happens, but unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes fail to remember why they exist. When that happens, the legal team at Presley & Presley can step in and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. They did just that for one client […]

Insurer Pays Up for Head Injury Suffered at Kansas City Bar

In 2003, Bryan Rouse was enjoying a night out in Kansas City’s Westport district when things took a sudden and brutal turn. While at America’s Pub (whose Westport location closed in 2012), Rouse was put in a chokehold by a bouncer and then dropped to the floor when he lost consciousness. The impact caused Rouse […]